Nicole Heiniger

  • C6 Bank Topo
  • Egrey Elena
  • Pantene Pride
  • Rchlo Rchlo
  • Pantene Pantene
  • Pantene Quince
  • Riachuelo Sonhos
  • Rchlo Te sigo Somando
  • Vivara V
Photo subtitle
Nicole Heiniger

Nicole Heiniger, a highly accomplished Swiss-Brazilian photographer and director, carries a wealth of experiences from her time in London and Berlin, experiences that have profoundly influenced her artistic journey. She is renowned for her mastery in exploring cinematic elements, both in fashion and beauty photography, and is distinguished by her minimalist aesthetics and the sophisticated use of light. With a background in photographic arts earned in London, Nicole Heiniger began her career as a photographer in Brazil in 2009. Since then, she has undertaken remarkable projects, collaborating with celebrities on campaigns for renowned brands such as Pantene, Vivara, Arezzo, H. Stern, O Boticário, Riachuelo, Renner, Natura, Animale, Mixed, and has graced the pages of leading fashion publications, including Dazed, Tank, Vogue, Forbes, Bazaar, Elle, and L'Officiel. Nicole has solidified her status as one of the most sought-after names in the fashion and beauty industry.

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